PQM® - The powerful design tool unleashed

Yes, finally the most innovative transmission network design tool has become available, boasting it's routing and microwave rich implementations and bundled with a whole other stack of goodies. Don't just take our word for it - register and see for yourself!

PQM® - Physical Routing and Layouts

Creating routes, configuring patches and room layouts has never been easier.  The latest version of PQM is about to unveil a very powerful addition to the already acclaimed "amazing" design tool.

MIMO in the world of microwave

Increasing network traffic has driven technology to explore a well known concept which until now had only been applied to lower frequency designs including cell planning and wireless networks. Now the need is more capacity in the access transmission network and it seems MIMO has come to save the day. Indeed with MIMO manufacturers like can supply up to 4 times the original capacity. Now that's sure to give those fibre networks something to think about!

Asymmetrical link design

Based on the idea that traffic is not symmetrical and that the down-link demand is typically greater than the up-link most ISPs provide an asymmetrical connection, so too can this concept be applied to access transmission networks. The basic principal is that less spectrum is used and therefore networks can benefit from supplying higher capacity to the end user.