The latest professional transmission network planning tool on the market
Product Overview

PQM® offers the most advanced and professional tool set for building your transport & microwave network whether it be small or large. Built and designed by experienced and highly regarded transport & microwave network design engineers. Backed by an unmatched level of support, ingenuity and commitment with a focus on innovation and understanding the customer's real needs.

  • Complete microwave network design
  • Physical and Logical Routing & Layouts
  • Capacity Planning & Inventory plugins
  • Full design automation
  • Easy import and export capabilities
  • Customisable plug-in
  • MS Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Solaris
  • Easy integration through its multi database support engine
  • True 3D rendering, including terrain and buildings
  • On demand terrain, morphology, satellite and more
  • In-built network and equipment auditing
  • Easy to use, with online "live" user guide and videos


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